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Turn in your Acura lease to receive a $200 service voucher
from Acura of Limerick

As a thank you for leasing from Acura of Limerick, we offer leasees a $200 Acura service voucher when they return their leased vehicle to our dealership. As an Acura lease return center, we offer the following benefits for drivers:

  • Assist you with scheduling your lease inspection to return the vehicle
  • Help you take advantage of AFS pre-approved lease/finance programs and review exclusive Acura finance and lease promotions.
Return Your Lease

How to qualify for the $200 Acura service voucher?

If you return your Acura at the end of the lease and:

  • The Acura has all master keys, remotes, manuals, and the valet key
  • There is no vehicle damage and the CarFax report is clean
  • There is no paint and body work/damage that could prevent us from reselling or releasing the Acura
  • The Acura was leased through Acura Financing/American Honda through ANY Acura dealer. You do not need to have leased your Acura from Acura of Limerick
  • The vehicle is purchasable by Acura of Limerick from the current lease company
Disclaimer: If you qualify, we will issue the voucher within 10 days of the completed lease return

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